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Oji Seichi is your neighbourhood ramen shop based in East Chinatown, Toronto. Inspired by our family's Japanese Canadian roots, we focus on bringing people together with ramen, sandys and gyoza.


Sending Noods.
Now Delivering. 

Support local and order delivery directly from our website. This allows us to save on commission fees from our third party delivery service. Saving on these fees helps us allocate more time and resources into creating a better experience for our guests. 


Traditional Japanese techniques, locally inspired ingredients

Less is more – Every menu item has been considered and prepared to perfection.

Our story is deep rooted in our family heritage

It is important to celebrate Oji's Japanese-Canadian culture into the story we want to tell.

IMG_3108 2.JPG

Made in-house, our craft noodles are always fresh

The hero of every bowl of ramen, we take our noodle making seriously.

Tunes from our restaurant to wherever you are

Created by Chef Mitch, fresh playlists are available regularly for your listening pleasure.


Food + Community

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